Sunday, May 9, 2021

Kentucky's Top Prep Coach Speaks!!

When it comes to prep coaches in Kentucky, there's few regional notables that come to mind. There's coaches that have made name for themselves in northern counties bordering Cincinatti, others from Lexington, and even a few from Louisville; however, no matter what part of the Commonwealth you're in, everyone's heard the name, Steve Weingarten. He's considered by most top authorities in the sport of bodybuilding, as being the very best. His expertise on all things training and nutrition are quite frankly, unparalleled. His people always come in shape, they always take top honors, and in many cases, they win all overalls.

I've been very fortunate to interview Steve on a number of occasions, either on his own or with his athletes, and this interview most definitely stacks up. A fun fact about this video, is that it was taped at Steve's own Brickhouse Bodybuilding Gym in Louisville, KY. This facility was built by hand, with each piece of equipment sought out by the contest prep great. 

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  1. Absolutely THE most criminally underrated coach in the npc and probably the ifbb. He's a humble man who puts his athletes first. He's honest with competitors about where they are in their current physique even if it's not necessarily what they want to hear. He is personally a mentor to me and many of the other competitors as well. We are all a family and that's almost completely due to his efforts to bring us all together.