Monday, May 31, 2021

Kelli Sue Carter - Rising Women's Physique Star


Be sure to catch my interview with Women's Physique Competitor Kelli Sue Carter. Although she got started training on her own, her path completely changed when she started working out at Metro Fitness Worthington and became associated with legendary contest prep coach Mike Davies.

In addition to discussing this very important change and her goals both on - and off - the stage, Kelli also discussed her great honor in serving in the United States military. Although the interview is somewhat on the concise side (and we're already planning a follow-up), it's a sneak peak in the life of a hard working competitor doing everything in her power to earn her pro card.

So why Women's Physique? Whereas the men have 3 divisions to choose from, the women have SIX!! Kelli candidly tells us why she picked WPD, talks about some of her heroes, and truly embraces her love of training and building muscle. 

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